What do you do when you are the active transportation manager for one of the largest industrial parks in Great Britain? Milton Park  houses 7,500 workers and 250 businesses on a 250 acre site. It is located near Milton Oxfordshire and is known for leading work on science and technology. If you are Veronica Reynolds the “Behavioural Change Advisor” at Vectos, you build connected bikeways and walkways, and secure funding for  autonomous vehicle shuttles to move people around the industrial park.

The United Kingdom’s first trial of autonomous vehicles on public roads will be implemented here to reduce car usage in this industrial park by fifty per cent.Funded by Innovate UK, 2.5 million pounds has been awarded to trial self driving vehicles between the private roads within the industrial park and the public roads linking the site to the nearby bus and train network. Even though the industrial park is close to a transit station most travel to and from Milton Park is by private car. The new cycling paths and walkways  augment the autonomous vehicle buses, which will also network in with the expansion of the site planned in the coming years. Commuters will book and pay for their autonomous vehicle shuttle to the industrial park from the transportation hub in one easy process.

“Veronica Reynolds said: “A key aim of the Milton Park Travel Forum is to work closely with the Park’s business leaders to future-proof the park’s transport offer. This innovative new project builds on the work of that Forum and its vision to provide more and greener travel options. We would like to thank everyone at Milton Park for the support we have received to date which has undoubtedly contributed to the success in securing this project funding.”

And that is how one active transportation manager had an industrial park in Britain become one of the first offering  workers the opportunity of using an autonomous vehicle shuttle on their daily commute.