Bremner.on.a.BikeHere’s an oddity for Vancouver’s next civic election, sure to be a season of oddities and rancor — as City Council will get a major makeover.  It’s a profile of Hector Bremner, a possible NPA mayoral candidate. But the usual car-loving old white guy profanities (bike lane, bicycle) are not uttered. How the heck is that possible?

Clearly, Mr. Bremner’s focus will be on housing — not a bad choice for a top-of-mind issue.

His campaign will focus, as will everyone’s this coming election, on increasing the city’s affordable-housing supply. He resists blaming the foreign-buyer “bogeyman” for the crisis and believes the answer is a rapid increase of supply of the right type of housing, including rental.

With thanks to Adrienne Tanner in the Globe and Mail.

Maybe the cars-cars-cars wing of the party is leaving the job of stoking the dying coals of a best-forgotten miscalculation (bike-hate) up to Councillor Melissa De Genova.  She’s back on twitter with another crude and dangerous incitement to car drivers’ anger over — what else, misplaced priorities for snow removal. Complete with poor spelling, and a short memory for the dismal outcome of bike-hate as a political platform.