Here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, two things have surfaced when I mention that I’m from Vancouver.

The first is the strongly reflexive cry of “rain” from all other Canadians.  By my count, one person used the word five times in one breath after hearing “Vancouver”.  Having endured winters in Edmonton, Gimli Manitoba and Cold Lake Alberta, I understand winter. I’ve made my peace with rain, and feel no need to respond.

The other response was unexpected. It came when I was photographing murals in town.  I bumped into a pair of mural artists and we chatted for a while.  At the mention of “Vancouver”, they lit up.  “Wow”, they said, “The world’s biggest mural festival”.  “The best artists world-wide”.  I’m trying to find them again to encourage their application to the 2018 festival before the application period runs out at the end of February.

As usual, click on any photo to see a large-size slide show of them all.