Financing Urban Growth: The Use of Development Cost Charges and Community Amenity Contributions

Mar 15, SFU Harbour Centre
Instructors: Jay Wollenberg, Bill Buholzer
This course is a comprehensive, detailed, and practical examination of the economic, legal, planning, and political dimensions of development levies, negotiated community contributions, and density bonusing as means of creating community amenities and infrastructure.
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Giving Council a Piece of Your Mind: Writing Reports That Work

Mar 22, SFU Harbour Centre
Instructor: Dr. Ann McAfee
This is a practical course on writing reports.
Many council reports are standardized; staff are able to refer to past examples and municipal formats. By contrast, policy reports are frequently “one-offs.” This course focuses on these policy reports. It addresses the challenges of assembling strategic directions, incorporating public input, conveying options and framing recommendations.
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Planning and Zoning Law Refresher

Mar 23, SFU Harbour Centre
Instructor: Bill Buholzer
This day-long seminar will provide a refresher on the foundational cases in Canadian planning law and explore some current issues in land use regulation. It will be of interest to planners practicing in B.C., particularly those with responsibility for drafting zoning regulations.
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