If you have lived in the snowy parts of Canada you will be familiar with the requirement to move your car off the street when the street is being plowed. Trust Simon Laprise, a machinist and artist to come up the perfect prank for the police officers ticketing cars that had not moved off the street, as reported in Global News.
Mr. Laprise carefully sculpted in snow  a pretty exact model of the DeLorean DMC-12 in the parking space. That car is the model used in the Back to the Future movies. To make the snowed in vehicle look even more authentic, Mr. Laprise placed a windshield wiper, on the “windshield” as if that was the only remnant not covered in snow.
Sure enough, a member of the Montreal Police force came to ticket the vehicle, only to discover that the vehicle was not a vehicle. They did place a note under the windshield wiper saying that the snow vehicle had “Made their night”.
Snow plows destroyed the snow DeLorean the next day. You can see a YouTube video of the project here.
And you can check out Simon Laprise’s public art page here.



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