Where in the world are the most satisfied motor vehicle drivers?  What!!  The Netherlands?  For 3 years in a row?   But . . .   but . . . splutter. . . fap . . .  bike lanes!

Check these results for 2017 from Waze.

As for the results…the best place to be a driver is (drumroll): The Netherlands. The European nation takes the top spot in our index thanks to prime traffic conditions, road quality, and infrastructure. 

It seems that designing, building and promoting safe and effective transportation choices is a solid strategy.  People like multi-modal travel and use it, and this makes the city better for everyone, including motor vehicle operators.

Here’s an article by Chris and Melissa Bruntlett in the DailyHive based on the 2016 Waze report.

Dutch.TravelFor the second year in a row, Waze’s Driver Satisfaction Index – which analyzes the driving experiences of 65 million monthly users in 38 countries and 235 cities across the globe – named The Netherlands the most satisfying place in the world to drive, specifically referencing its “smooth traffic conditions” and “solid road quality.”

. . .  With fewer motorists moving both short and long distances on the country’s roadways, space is freed up for those who really need it, such freight companies and emergency services. In addition to reducing the amount of congestion, this also decreases the need for road maintenance due to “wear and tear.” Finally, the report mentions the unparalleled safety of Dutch streets, statistically the safest in the world, having virtually eliminated deaths and serious injuries by engineering user error out of the equation.