HERE‘s a video of several areas of Seattle, each filmed in a 3-year-long-interval time-lapse from the Space Needle. It reminds me of the video game SimCity — seeing the buildings go down, the vacant lots and parking lots go flat, then new buildings go up.

It looks like the first minute or so shows one part of AmazonVille.

Fun stuff to note. Ghost ships that appear now and then. Starting at the 3:25 mark, what looks like a good old Vancouver single-family neighborhood gets a lot denser.

HERE‘s the creator, Ricardo Martin Brualla at, describing the tech, truly a labour of love.

I started with two full panoramas a day for the last two years, more than 2000 panos. Then, the sequence was stabilized, as the camera shakes and moves over time, either by being knocked, or because of the wind and other forces of nature. The final step was to smooth temporally the sequence, to remove the variation due to weather and lighting conditions. The video below visualizes the process, but see the last section of this FAQ for more technical details.

Thanks to Jeff Leigh for the head’s-up.