Thursday January 11, 7 pm
Vancouver Public Library, Joe Fortes Branch, 870 Denman Street
Come and participate in a free and free-wheeling discussion on Vancouver’s present and future, moderated by the ever-impartial me, ha ha.
I will start from the premise that Vancouver’s human diversity and urbanity is supported by its wide range of buildings, using the West End as an example, and let participants take it from there …
For further information, visit the website for the Philosophers’ Café.


    1. Michael Kluckner has done more to enhance our appreciation of our built environment than anyone, including the venerable Kalman. He is a living national treasure. If some small-minded two-word two-center doesn’t respect Mr Kluckner, he should shut up.

    2. While I may not agree with Michael Kluckner’s opinions some of the time, nor have the time for this event, I appreciate his unwavering support for heritage and his art.
      Keep up the good work, Michael.

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