1. This building will add a beautiful architectural variation to Vancouver – however… for many Fairview Slopes residents, it blocks the one remaining dip in what is left of the mountainous backdrop view. Density is making its mark in letting go of a sense of spaciousness in our special natural setting.

      1. Ha! Very good point! It highlights an interesting semiotic stand-off between supporters and detractors: what’s more important to preserve, the sense/meaning of the setting or the actual setting itself? Keep the trees but lose the view or keep the view and lose the trees?

    1. Perhaps Fairview slopes needs far higher buildings, especially with new Broadway Line so very close soon ?
      The Butterfly building (see here or here ) will be even higher, as will many new ones to come !
      I think this BIG designed Vancouver House is an awesome addition to Vancouver, unique to look it from multiple angles and especially as you drive north or south on Granville bridge, too !

    2. Or the few Fairview residents whose view is blocked from their windows can take a nice stroll along the seawall out to Vanier Park and get the view of the mountains from different angles.

  2. Perhaps more studies are required to find the “happy medium.” This is not necessarily a black & white issue. BTW, that’s exactly what the City of Vancouver’s earlier density and skyline studies did. Maybe a revisit?

    1. I recall a city planner at City Hall, Ray Maxman/Spaxman(?) who back in the 80s had set the height limits for buildings and the ‘rule’ that only 2 buildings could be the same.

  3. I can see Vancouver “House” right from all my windows– it’s 4 blocks away. It fills most of the gap between two buildings. I can’t decide if I ‘like’ it or not, but I am fascinated with the whole transition from light industrial to Very High End housing. The VHE part really saddens me. The other thing that I think is unfortunate is that this building will dominate the skyline. YIKES!! It remains to be seen if this building will regenerate the immediate neighborhood which had become one of struggling small businesses, homeless people with improvised shelters, graffiti, & waste-dumping sites. It certainly had turned into unloved land. So we’ll see.

  4. How exciting, another flashy starchitect building designed for buyers who don’t live here. Check out how many of the units have been flipped already. Fight for Another Speculative Real Estate Scheme, er, Beauty.

    1. Plenty of taxes to collect by CRA .. 25% to 50% of each gain !
      Enforcement is lacking in Canada but starting
      Plenty of rental units too. Plus plenty of CACs, fees to the city, and jobs jobs jobs and associated CPP, EI, income taxes etc ! A huge win for BC and City of Vancouver !
      Not building a building is better why ?
      The new 25% rental rule for newly built buildings will make these kind of condos even more expensive, btw !

    2. There certainly is talk & thinking in this direction.I’ve spent a lot of time out on the Howe Street ramp. I talk with people about the project. I’ve heard all kinds of things about how the project was marketed. Recently I learned that on a third of the units where marketed in Asia. There is also the story of the Beach Avenue Gas Station. Where the truth of the stories I’ve heard about that lies… I wish I knew.
      Sometimes voicing thinking pivots on accusations of racism.

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