Image: Richmond News
Just because Christmas is next Monday and Price Tags Editors want to ensure everyone is aware of this impending deadline-this story from the Richmond News about a last-minute shopping opportunity by the Steveston Merchants Association which should “be a winner for local men“.
Using a photo of four young men carrying shopping,  the merchants association is letting Metro Vancouver know that 22 retailers in the village will stay open until 8:00 p.m. from Wednesday today to Saturday December 23. And in an ingenious insight, “three Steveston restaurants are offering beer/food discounts on those four nights to those producing proof of purchase on that day from one of the participating retailers.”
As a merchants association representative said “It’s not exclusively for men…We were just thinking of a way to get people out for later shopping in the last few days before Christmas. It is very much something for the last-minute shopper and, I guess, many of them just happen to be guys”.
So if you are up to some last-minute Christmas shopping and would like some discounts at Britannia Brewing, Blue Canoe and Little Mexico Cantina in Steveston, you can check out the Merchants Association Facebook page at


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