In the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department the Richmond News reports on three hapless thieves that tried to get away with a stolen car on the Steveston Highway. The car had been pinched from Coquitlam  and the auto abductors turned onto Highway 99 southbound-at  around 8:00 on Wednesday morning. Without local knowledge they quickly found out that at that time southbound traffic to the tunnel was funneled down to one lane with the counterflow lane providing three lanes through the tunnel going northbound. Not ideal when you are trying to travel quickly with a hot car.
Not to be outdone by the congestion, the driver of the stolen vehicle  “allegedly performed a U-turn and collided with a cement barrier.All three occupants were quickly arrested without incident and taken to hospital. No other vehicles were involved.”
And yes, the three occupants in the vehicle were all from Coquitlam. As one member of the RCMP observed “Timing is very important but so is recognizing the subtleties of behaviourofficers were quick to identify the stolen car and maximize public safety. Traffic congestion is generally disliked by all, but in this case, it lent us a helping hand.
“We are also thankful for the patience from other motorists who may have been affected by the three folks we arrested. It is believed that they may be now on Santa’s naughty list.”
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