Jens von Bergmann at Mountain Doodle crunches data and does it quickly.  And then comes up with some graphically beautiful ways of expressing it.  Like this one, that takes the data from the census on commuting in Metro listed in the charts below:

The Flow

Another way to look at the commute data within Metro Vancouver is to make a chord diagram to show the flow of commuters within and between municipalities. To keep things manageable we contain ourselves with the 13 most commuter-heavy communities.
More here.


  1. Very beautiful work! Many kudos.
    The chart makes it obvious that the largest majority of commuters live and work in Vancouver, with probably 35-40% draining off to mostly the closest or adjacent suburbs. This helps explain the great performance of Vancouver’s electric trolleys on almost every arterial, and the high rapid transit ridership close in.
    The second largest live and work in Surrey. However, half of all commuters appear to be commuting over the river to adjacent cities.

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