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The New Zealand Police have approached recruiting 400 new police officers in a different way by filming “real-life social experiment” videos involving urban issues that officers deal with. Some of the videos highlight individuals at risk, including the first in the series where a young boy is eating food out of a trash bin. The video shows the real passers-by who ignored the little boy, and highlights the women that stopped to speak to the young actor.
“Police want to attract more women, Māori, Pacific Islanders, and people from all other ethnicities and backgrounds to better reflect the communities we serve,” Commissioner of New Zealand Police Mike Bush told Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service.We have filmed a series of real-life social experiment scenarios exploring issues our officers deal with daily — involving the safety of the young and the vulnerable people in our communities.”
The latest in the series is going viral~it’s a James Bond look at New Zealand policing, but also gives a glimpse of Kiwi  downtown and suburban, streets, a pedestrian crossing, and a police cat. Seriously.  “Filled with kilted drummers, pelvic-thrusting dance parties and entirely gratuitous flipping stunts, the quirky clip features about 70 officers trying to lure in new coworkers through the nearly 3-minute-long video’s fresh approach.”
You can view the video below or here.



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