Gorilla.SuitThe 238 HQ2 proposals sent to Amazon have slowed them down, it seems. The shortlist, scheduled for release this Friday, has now been pushed off until “early 2018”, with the winner’s announcement still vaguely out there.
Presumably, cities will be able to infer their chances by noting who is and isn’t getting site visits or follow-up inquiries. Is that twitter gossip that I see rushing by?
Thanks to Ely Portillo and Katherine Peralta in Governing.com (from Charlotte, NC).

The Charlotte Regional Partnership said Tuesday that it now doesn’t expect to hear until early next year whether it made the shortlist for Amazon’s second headquarters.
The group had been expecting to hear by Friday, which was when they were told Amazon would have its shortlist. Partnership spokeswoman Dianne Chase said that the volume of proposals means this week will no longer be the decision point.

The article has some amusing (or appalling) detail about the incentives some areas are proposing to Amazon.


  1. When the story broke, I pointed out that by the time the “winning city” finished giving the farm away, the citizens will wish they lost. It may be the case:
    “According to reports, Chicago has offered Amazon $1.3 billion worth of tax refunds; Chula Vista, Calif., offered the Internet giant $100 million in free land and a $300 million property tax break; New Jersey offered $7 billion to build in Newark, more than the value of the investment; and Fresno, Calif. offered Amazon the promise of deciding how to spend 85 percent of the taxes it paid in that city, to benefit Amazon.”

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