From Andy Coupland:
I thought you might like the 20 year comparisons. City of Vancouver is seeing a decline in drivers, and a big increase in bike and transit as predicted by Trip Diary numbers. Walk is up too, but far more in the city than in the rest of Metro.

So here’s Metro, and the rest of Metro. City of Vancouver is seeing most change.



  1. Just curious how Andy teased out the walk and bike mode shares? I took a quick look around the Stats Can website and the only data I could find always had active modes lumped together, which is frustrating since the two modes sometimes show very different trends. cheers

    1. You can get the six categories of travel to work (including walk and bike) by downloading the Census Profile for Vancouver and Metro Vancouver, (and any other municipality, obviously). You’re correct that the cross-tabbed Tables that Statistics Canada have generated for download don’t separate the ‘Active Transportation’ modes.

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