Andy Yan provides some graphs that illustrate data from the 2016 census on how we in Metro Vancouver get to work:

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Initial observations: Proof that the City of Vancouver had reached its 2020+ goal of more than 50 percent of commuters using other modes of transportation than the car.  Surrey, sadly, is still over 80 percent car dependent.
And that’s probably because, as the second graph illustrates, close to 60 percent of commuters travel outside to a municipality outside Surrey for work.  In Vancouver, close to 70 percent stay within the city.
However, even more commuters leave Burnaby.  But 20 percent of all commuters use transit – probably mostly SkyTrain.  It would be interesting to know what percent of Vancouver City’s workforce comes from the SkyTrain station areas.
If I were a Coquitlam planner or politician, looking at the percent of commuters in cars who have to travel outside the municipality, I would be very worried about road congestion in the future – unless the arrival of the Evergreen Line is starting to shift the numbers.