Check out this 9-page PDF, this website, and get in front of city staff to talk and learn.

  • November 30, 2017,  2 pm to 8 pm.
  • 511 w Broadway (west of Cambie)

The Transportation 2040 Plan, identified Cambie Bridge as an important priority project to improve walking and cycling comfort and safety. Cambie Bridge provides a critical link between BC’s two largest economic centres and high density neighbourhoods.

Currently the east sidewalk is shared by pedestrians and cyclists. The sidewalk has become busier over the last decade, and conflicts have increased between people walking and cycling.

Cambie St Bridge in May 1986. Steve Morgan photo.

Looking towards downtown Vancouver on the then-new (3rd) Cambie Street Bridge in May 1986, during Expo 86. Photo by Steve Morgan.

We are proposing to install a new southbound protected bike lane on the west side of Cambie Bridge. Interim improvements will help relieve pressure on the east side shared-use path.

Things have changed since 1985, it seems.