The Swiss are getting serious about modelling good transit etiquette and ensuring that passengers are safely off trains and buses before more people attempt to board. As reported in the Vancouver Sun transit officials decided some modelling of good behaviour would help with transit etiquette in Geneva. With actors playing the parts of Queen Elizabeth  II, a bearskin hatted Palace Guard and a finely suited British gentleman,  the aim was to show how the British are good at getting on and off transit,and provide more decorum among riders.
As The Register observes“The stunt was part of the Swiss city’s ongoing GE-RESPECTE campaign, initiated last year by Geneva’s transport department, to raise awareness and encourage civilised behaviour among transport users.
On its Facebook page the campaign said: “The GE-laissesortir action has begun…! Three British tourists of a particular kind have come to lend a hand to their Geneva friends to convey the fundamentals of courtesy in transport. So British..!”


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