Vancouver NPA City Councilor George Affleck says he’ll neither run for Council nor seek the Mayor’s job in 2018.    Thanks to CBC News.affleck
“I wanted to let people know that after much discussion with my family, friends and others, I have made the decision not to seek the nomination of mayoral candidate for the NPA (Non-Partisan Association); nor will I be seeking a third term as a Councillor,” read Affleck’s Facebook post Wednesday morning.
As expected, Charlie Smith in the Straight has a few thoughts on Mr. Affleck’s political career.

If the NPA loses its fourth straight mayoral election in 2018, perhaps Affleck will finally get a chance to be the party’s standard-bearer in 2022.
But I’m betting that instead, he’ll run as a B.C. Liberal candidate or federal Liberal candidate before then. And given his track record, he’ll probably get elected.
In the meantime, the NPA will continue wandering in the political wilderness until it finally figures out that it’s going to have to dump that B.C. Liberal meanspiritness if it ever wants to regain control over Vancouver city council.


    1. Hey Ronald,
      Some out of touch billionaire called, he wants to tell you and the rest of the peasants how to live your life.

      1. Maybe Bloomberg was simply doing what New Yorkers wanted. From New York Times we have:
        “When asked simply whether the bike lanes were a good idea or a bad idea, 66 percent of New Yorkers said they were a good idea, according to a new poll by The New York Times. A majority in all boroughs said they thought the lanes were a good idea, with support highest in Manhattan.”
        I am sure that we would get a similar result here. The war on the bike is over.

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