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With increasingly large rain events and Hurricane Sandy, New York City has responded to climate change and threats to river banks and adjacent parks by creating Design and Planning for Flood Resiliency: Guidelines for New York Parks. This 150 page handbook is available free by following this link. 
New York City has a long history of making their guidelines and work available for other planners, agencies and communities  to use. The interdisciplinary manual caters to the situation of parks within New York City but provides a great reference for creating resilient park planning and design along waterfronts.
New York City’s philosophy about waterfront park design is that the parks must handle the volume and normal use associated with  daily visits, but still perform well during a significant climatic event. The manual looks at different waterfront park types and suggests best practices including design details and  plant lists suitable for these coastal conditions. By “bolstering urban ecosystems and adapting edges for sea rise” the guidelines help inform landscape decisions for creating flood resilient park spaces on any water’s edge.