It’s Time, Metro Vancouver.  Traffic congestion is here, and under the status quo, it’s not going to improve any time soon.   It’s time for a new approach.
One approach, decongestion charging, is under review and discussion. You can see the plans, and have your say HERE.

The It’s Time project is a public engagement and research initiative led by the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission to explore decongestion charging as part of a plan for the future of transportation in the Metro Vancouver region. The project is designed to research and gather information about decongestion charging including learning about how charging has worked in other cities, and hearing from residents and businesses about what decongestion charging means from a local perspective.

Learn more about the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission.
Learn more about decongestion charging.
Dig into FAQ’s HERE.

Learn more about Metro Vancouver’s congestion today in this report summary or full report.​
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  1. Reducing congestion, supporting fairness, supporting investment in transportation: their message is too complicated, it’s too negative, and it’s too long. My proposal:
    Working Roads
    Roads mean mobility. They take us to our jobs. They take us home to our families. They carry goods that we need. Right now, our roads aren’t working. When we are stuck in traffic, we are not working, we are not with people we care about, our time is not our own.
    To make our roads work again, we are eliminating the gas tax. Instead of taxing gas, we will price the roads. We will give that money back to you as a mobility rebate, and use it to invest in transportation infrastructure. The aim is to give you choices for how to get around. Road pricing has been proven to reduce congestion: so that when you need to drive, the roads will work for you. New infrastructure will give you alternatives. And the mobility rebate will give you money to go places however works best for you.
    Working roads is not about driving, it’s not about transit, it’s not about bicycling or walking or ride sharing. It’s about all of these things. It’s about mobility. It’s about giving you choices, and making those choices work.

  2. Excellent points. TransLink is now conducting their 2017 Trip Diary survey which covers points one and two. Item 3 is a tough one because it depends a lot on personal preference. Item 4 is partially covered by commute surveys conducted by stats can and recently by BC Business magazine:
    It would be good to capture mobility satisfaction is trip diary surveys.

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