The Ministry of Transport has released this gem of a 1966 car trip from Horseshoe Bay to New Westminster. Already garnering over 19,000 views,  it is one of a series of YouTube videos the Ministry has released of “drives” around the province undertaken a half century ago.
In 1966 there were 410,000 people in Vancouver.   Gasoline  was 32 cents a gallon. If you look closely you can see the toll booth at the entrance of the Lions Gate Bridge, and  watch the vehicle cross the bridge at a breathless rate. You can marvel at the low scale buildings in the downtown,  with a few pedestrians on sidewalks. There are some familiar landmarks like The Bay on Georgia, and a surprising plethora of  large format automobile oriented advertising for car related products, gasoline and of course tobacco.
Take a look at the video and post your personal finds in the comments section below.