Earlier this year Price Tags Vancouver wrote about the large pin oak tree that was perched on the roof top of the Eugenia Place condominium. Originally installed on the roof deck in 1987  it lasted for nearly thirty years before it died.  It is an iconic part of the skyline, and the tree’s  height 60 meters above the ground was a landmark on Beach Avenue.  Coupled with the height of the building the oak tree was meant to represent how tall the original old growth forests were in this area.
As reported by the CBC Eugenia Place-and Beach Avenue-has its tree back. Ron Rule the landscape architect that originally did the plan for the tree on this Richard Henriquez designed  building stated that the entire cost-relining the tree pit, reroofing and the installation of the new tree cost the condominium owners over $500,000. As Ron Rule observes “It has become an icon of the neighbourhood, which is wonderful, and to replace it is very satisfying. Even the Christmas lights that were added to it became part of the neighbourhood experience.”
The tree has been secured with cables and a new automatic irrigation system installed. In order that this tree survives, it will have a monthly health visit from an arborist and will be decorated with lights once it has clearly rooted and acclimated to its new venue.


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