The Exchange Tower is the newest downtown office building:

From Iredale Architecture:
This project involves rehabilitating the Old Stock Exchange Building and adding a 31-storey office tower.  The heritage status of the original building is being retained, and the entire project is targeting LEED Platinum certification—which will make it the second-largest LEED Platinum building in Canada.

With the financial backing of Credit Suisse and Basel-based Harry Gugger Studio,  along with Iredale, as architect of record, it’s being characterized as “Swiss Style on the West Coast” – apparently a buttoned-down corporate sleekness.

The Pinstripe Principle

The Pinstripe Principle defines the design of The Exchange. The pinstripes themselves are aluminum louvres – beginning at ground level of the new building and stretching skywards above the original Edwardian building – creating a seamless integration of the two structures.

So … what do you think?  Sleek, discreet or just boring?  Successful integration of heritage or facadism?  Contextual or crowded?