Community Data Science Theory and Practice

Nov 21, 22, 28, 29, SFU Harbour Centre
Instructors: Andy Yan, SFU City Program; Craig E. Jones, UBC
This professional development course focuses on the collection, analysis, visualization and dissemination of information derived from structured public datasets. You’ll acquire a basic toolkit for navigating public datasets containing socio-economic, demographic, land-use and real estate data.
You will not only develop a familiarity with core datasets like the Census, municipal business licenses and property datasets, but also a basic ability to understand and use most structured public datasets.
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Upcoming learning opportunities

Urban Design

Economic Fundamentals
Nov 15-16, 2017, SFU Vancouver
Planning for Transportation and Accessibility
Nov 17-18, 2017, SFU Vancouver
Other professional development opportunities 

Planning and Zoning Law Refresher
Nov 23, 9 AM – 5 PM, SFU Vancouver
Instructors: Bill Buholzer and Guy Patterson

Aging, Design, and the City
Feb 2, 2018, SFU Vancouver
Instructor: Beverley Pitman

Free Webinar

Small Is Big: Jump-Starting Small-City Downtowns for the New Economy
Nov 20, 1 PM PST
In this webinar, Michael von Hausen will examine some of the key ingredients necessary to revitalize the downtowns of small cities and towns for resilience and the new economy. Using his four building blocks and comprehensive downtown health assessment tool, Michael will provide strategies that move beyond “cosmetic” design fixes.
The intent of the presentation is to provide a more multi-dimensional approach to future planning of downtowns, engage in an interactive dialogue, and provide insightful ideas for declining downtowns in small cities and towns across North America.
This event is part of SFU Vancouver’s Open Learning Week.
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