Vancouver City council has unanimously approved the Ryerson development in Kerrisdale.
Justin McElroy writes on CBC News.

By a 10-0 vote, councillors approved rezoning parts of two blocks at West 45th Avenue and Yew Street to allow an eight-storey residential tower and five-storey addition to Dunbar Ryerson United Church. . .
. . .  But 74 per cent of correspondence the city received from residents prior to a public hearing was in support of the project, and 20 of 29 people who spoke at the public hearing also supported the project.

More on the project HERE.


  1. I was surprised by it in the end. The opponents seemed well organized back in February during the open house. They had lawnsigns all over the area surrounding the church, and a website and facebook group that seemed to be active. The open house was among the most packed I’ve ever seen, with hundreds turning out and many people overheard with critical comments.
    I was not surprised by the letter ratio, as Abundant Housing Vancouver’s letter writing tool made it very easy to participate.
    But, on rezoning hearing day, I was very much surprised that so few opponents ended up showing up to speak.

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