When I look at Hornby Street, or Adanac, or West 10th – and especially the Burrard Bridge -I see cyclists.  Hundreds of them.  And walkers.  And runners.  Maybe it’s me, but I see the people of a healthy, happy city.  What does Steffan Ileman see?
He sees an absolute mess – according to this story in ‘Vancouver is Awesome.’

Hornby Street is an “absolute mess,” the West End is “a ghetto,” Pacific Street is a “nightmare” and Granville Street is a “big problem.”
Indeed, Steffan Ileman is all bike laned out. … Ileman has launched an online petition calling on Horgan to immediately halt the construction of bike lanes on 10th Avenue, specifically around Vancouver General Hospital. He’s also suggesting that any bike lane construction be decided upon by way of referendum only. …
Ileman’s current petition effort is not his first. In July he launched a similar exercise calling for all bike lanes and Mobi bike rental stations near the Burrard Street Bridge and Pacific Street to be removed. His suggests replacing parking stalls with Mobi bike share stations is a “travesty.” More than 3,500 people backed his previous petition.

I get that he’s been inconvenienced as a driver, West End resident and user of VGH.  That comes with construction. But does he not see the results?  Does he think they could all be accommodated on streets with only sidewalks and traffic lanes and parking spots, each competing with others for space, making everyone’s lives more competitive, frustrating and dangerous.
Leaving aside motivations, I wonder whether he and those who sign his petition don’t actually see what I see.  The people of a happy, healthy city.

Photos by Ken Ohrn