Here’s pix from a show put on via the new light system on the Burrard Bridge.  A small crowd started forming at around 6:45, on a beautiful night, to enjoy a crowning touch to the Burrard Bridge project.

Click any photo to see larger versions of them all.


  1. I sure hope this display won’y be gaudy as so often happens here. I’ve seen European buildings tastefully lit with colours. Then I come home and see similar buildings that feel the need to put on a show with a constantly changing palette. So small town.
    Reminds of the most embarrassing thing ever: A digital display at the Peace Arch entry to Canada used to say, “Welcome to Canada (pause) Canada… Canada… Canada”.

  2. I’ve lived next to the Burrard bridge(since 1997) and it used to have a lovely cream glow that emphasized the Art Deco details. The soft light moulded the whole structure. Now the lights are blue and the bridge is stark and half lit. It’s tacky. Please revert to the traditional soft lighting.

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