A happy event today as the renovations and improvements are essentially done — and the official opening of the Burrard Bridge took place. Good to go for another 80+ years.
For me, the biggest improvement is that, for the first time, the east sidewalk is now open exclusively to people on foot. Next biggest is the north intersection of Burrard and Pacific, now in operation, with full controls and full mode separation.
Plus, behind the scenes, plenty of structural and engineering rehab; and on the bridge, beautifully done heritage-sensitive improvements.
Apparently Tuesday night, the new fully-colour-controlled lights in their heritage fixtures will get a workout — I’m personally hoping for the Burrard disco to erupt.

As usual, click on any photo to see a slide show of large versions, with captions


  1. The dual right turn lanes at Pacific aren’t quite complete – as the curb lane is still closed in front of the former Kettle of Fish location, which has 2 right turn lanes immediately merging into one lane after the turn (and the left turn lane appearing).
    (i.e. if you still stick to the road lines, you’ll be confused).

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