I came across these interesting small scale infill projects while walking to a friends house in East Van a few weeks back.  My phone battery was dead but luckily there always Google Street View!
Here is what appears to be a 66′ x 100′ corner lot with single dwelling converted into 4 smaller units at the intersection of E 22nd & Fleming.  Before and after aerial views from Google Earth:
Street view shots:
Just up the street is a series of small infill homes on 50′ x 178′ & 66′ x 171′ lots.  This is between Fleming and Maxwell just north of E 22nd.  Before and After:
Maxwell St development Google Street View scene:
Interesting how the two middle units of the Maxwell Street development have no street frontage and are instead accessed from the laneway.  There were no Google Street View images available for the Fleming Street development.  Some interesting building typologies between single family detached and townhomes.


  1. Architecturally many are not my cuppa, but a very, very relevant issue nonetheless. Thanks for posting these examples of infill.
    I hope other Metro cities are paying attention. Many are rife with low density subdivisions containing enormous lots, which is a tremendous waste of a finite resource: land.
    Next to public road allowances the open space that comes with single-detached housing consume tens of km2. The Urban Containment Boundary encompasses about 830 km2, and 1/3rd of that is roads. Probably another 20% is locked into the setbacks of detached home subdivisions. You’re looking at well over 400 km2 (400 million m2 — 100,000 acres) of land occupied these two zoned / designated elements.
    What better land use than infill and transit could there be on that kind of space?

    1. $1.049M for 1156 sq ft.
      The Fleming St. development is also a strata with (presumably) 3 units. Stratas with 3 units are tricky, because 2 units can steamroller decisions over the 3rd unit.

  2. This area has many sites/lots that have been converted over the years to higher density. See 20th and Welwyn, which went from a Telus works yard to a large townhouse complex.
    22nd and Dumfries also has a couple special lots where one had the house (a 100 year old stage coach rooming house) moved back on the 50 x 133 lot and three separate homes built in front, all currently rented.
    Cedar Cottage, as it is known, has been quietly densifying for many years and continues due to helpful zoning from 20 years ago.

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