1. That’s a great link there from Arno. I like the way the documentarist juxtaposed the civility of College St with the asphalt-scape of a massive parking lot. It reminds me of Kunstler’s joke in a TED talk about not being able to see a Target store from Wal-Mart because of the curvature of the Earth.
      And seeing that blustering Bob Ford … what a pill … what a hateful terror to cyclists. Imagine him bearing down on you in his black Escalade.
      Bob Ford – a morbidly obese dishonest crack-smoking boozer poster child of motoring dystopia. On the plus side, he put Toronto on the global comedic map, and has probably done more to galvanize public opinion against motordom than Sadik-Khan.

  1. Yes lots of good German examples to be cloned to reduce speed in residential zones, create more bike lanes, more pedestrian zones and .. unlimited highway speeds.
    Keep in mind though that many inner cities were designed 200-1000+ years ago when the fastest transportation was a horse or horse drawn carriage and everyone else walked. As such easier to rebuild than a typical North American city which was designed perhaps 100 or so years ago with the car in mind. Also more rapid transit usually available.
    As such, Canada is appealing for many Germans to emigrate too as we have more space and folks come to have space, an acreage, a farm, a house or an ocean front cottage – doable even won’t a middle class income in Canada but out of reach for the average German in Germany.
    Of course we are heading that way, the European way: ever higher taxes, ever bigger government, ever more rules, ever more deductions off your pay cheque, ever smaller apartments, ever more crowded cities, ever reduced standard of living. Not sure if this is the right path. In fact, whenever I go back to Germany I am glad I live here now.
    Happy Thanksgiving !

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