In what will surely be a well subscribed course, the University of Toronto has announced that  Jennifer Keesmaat will be teaching in the geography and planning department. She’s accepting the John Bousefield Distinguised Visitorship in Planning and will be giving lectures as well as teaching a graduate level course.
You can well imagine this will be a well-rounded course taught by the former Chief Planner of Toronto who made planning accessible to Torontonians through social media, and ensured that public process and participation were paramount. The Toronto Star notes that Keesmaat will  be talking on “how we can transform the city to become a safer, more livable, pedestrian place” with her strongly held values that the city ” needs to build more urban infrastructure to accommodate the increasing density, and “build better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.”
And just to make sure everyone understands that density can be  done well and good walkability and cycling facilities can be part of every city, she commented “It’s not rocket science, it’s political.” Keesmaat will be sharing the visitorship with  Dr. John Curry from UNBC Prince George and  Stanley Makuch, of the University of Toronto.


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