Given PT’s recent focus on the Burrard Bridge, and its latest bike and ped changes, it’s time to look at this again. And to ponder how success in one part of the world rings bells in another.  In this case, it’s the Burrard bike lanes and their influence in raising bikes to be a part of mainstream politics.
Mr. Singh is now the leader of the Federal NDP.  He’s one step (admittedly a large and difficult step) but only one step from becoming Canada’s Prime Minister. And no matter the election’s outcome, he’s now a high-profile national political and cultural figure.  The whole bicycle thing is coming into sharper and higher focus on a national, mainstream Federal stage thanks to him.

Jagmeet Singh and Jeff Leigh at the Burrard bike counter.  Click to enlarge.

He has travelled with Jeff and me on the Burrard Bridge bike lane (west side) and checked out the ride counter on the south; Hornby, Dunsmuir, Cambie Bridge, Beatty and elsewhere. This Vancouver cycling infrastructure, particularly Burrard, clearly carries a confirming message to Mr. Singh and others that success can follow bold action.


    1. I feel the same way about Robson Street. Most of the shops there cater to tourists leaving no reason for locals to go there. It’s okay but I wouldn’t want the whole city to be like that.

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