Seven of nine candidates for a one-year seat on Vancouver City Council gathered today at SFU to converse with event attendees.   Missing were Diego Cardona of Vision and Joshua Wasilenkoff.
The recurring topic was lack of affordable housing, and the resulting change to the face and shape of the city’s people. Prominent solutions were:  tax the rich and their mansions, freeze rents, rezone the 70-80% of land that is now exclusionary, build lots of missing middle, get governments back into social housing, free transit for workers.
Note that some of these solutions can’t be implemented by City Council, due to pesky jurisdictional issues.
Pete Fry reminded us all that a second Green councilor would enable a flow of Green Party motions for open debate. This is technically difficult now since there is no second Green councilor to second such motions.  Still got that vote problem, though.
As seated from left to right:

BREMNER, Hector (NPA); CARDONA, Diego (Vision Vancouver); DUNSDON, Mary Jean “Watermelon” (Sensible Vancouver); FRY, Pete (Green Party); GRAVES, Judy, (OneCity); LEE, Gary; MURPHY, Damian J.; SWANSON, Jean.

Which way is it going?  HERE‘s Charlie Smith in the Straight fearlessly handicapping the race on the left.  And you can take a totally non-credible wildly-unscientific poll at the end of the article.  Below is the poll’s standings as of 4 pm, Thursday Oct 5.  Published fearlessly by PT for bemusement purposes only.

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