On this spectacular Autumn morning, I spent 30-40 minutes travelling across and under the busy busy and newly renovated Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver.
What I see is a lovely old structure now improved for many more of the many people who use it to cross False Creek. The most in-need winners in this round are people walking, with the east sidewalk now exclusively for people on foot, for the first time ever — and the north side intersection much safer.  People riding bikes will find a safe and effective northbound lane.  People in motor vehicles will find a vastly improved junction mostly eliminating the bottleneck at the north side, hopefully as effective as the south side intersection is now.
And all the while, the lovely look and feel of this old bridge has been maintained.  Even while adding features like the barrier fence, new lighting, wider sidewalks, in-character lamp posts, and rebuilt stairs and railings at sidewalk edges. And other, less obvious improvements (see photos).
Not to mention bridge structural rehab, plus water & sewer infra replacement for an aging area of town.
And despite the inevitable grousing, the bridge stayed mostly in service during the work.

As usual, click any photo to see a slide show of all 9.



  1. It really shows that it’s a well planned and executed project when the only complaints you hear about it are things that aren’t true.
    Say… whatever happened to that Restore Vancouver guy anyway?

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