As reported by the Richmond News, a nasty stretch of road made infamous by four road deaths from 2013 to 2016 is getting  20 cushion type speed humps installed. This section of Richmond’s River Road between No. 7 Road and the Westminster Highway has been called the “Misery Mile” for its tragic toll.
But here’s the surprise~the majority of responding residents in the area told the City of Richmond that they did not want speed hump installation, preferring instead for speed enforcement to be conducted to enforce 50 km/h. Why? As the Richmond News observes “a survey of local residents in the summer, of the 47 who responded, 60 per cent opposed bringing in the speed humps, due to concerns about noise, wear and tear to their vehicles, safety and effectiveness.” 
Imagine~residents were more concerned about the impacts on their vehicles of speed humps instead of the safety and comfort of all road users who could be potentially be maimed or killed on this section of road. Cyclists have long viewed this stretch of road as one of the most dangerous in Richmond. Thankfully City of Richmond staff noted that speed enforcement was not enough to temper bad driver behaviour. Council noted that  “the proposed speed humps have been very effective on the southern stretch of Gilbert Road, close to Dyke Road, without any damage to vehicles, while allowing them to travel at the speed limit of 50. Although 60 per cent of the survey respondents indicated non-support for the proposed speed humps, the reasons cited for the opposition were found by staff to be primarily based on personal perceptions. Staff assessment was based on technical analysis prior to developing the recommendation.”
Clearly physical deterrents being installed slow vehicles, including the ones belonging to the locals. As this is a stretch of road favoured by cyclists, signage will indicate when motorists can expect large groups of cyclists, and new road markings will be installed. Cost for the 20 speed humps will be $100,000 and will be covered by the City’s traffic calming program.
river-roadLocation of road fatalities  along River Road. Source: Richmond News


  1. Yeah, the issue shouldn’t be whether or not the speed humps are installed, it should be what their design speed is. If the design speed is the existing 50km/h speed limit, then what’s to complain about? Voicing an objection is tantamount to admitting that you just don’t want to obey the speed limit.

    1. have you ever driven over 26 speed bumps with someone who has pain issues – the 6 already on the road are 30k and this person is near tears each time – it does not matter how slow you go they are torture

  2. “Local opposition” should be a non-factor when we’re talking about the loss of human life. This might sound harsh, but have some of these locals talk to family members of the deceased to provide some perspective. Also, 40% are in support so this isn’t exactly united vehement opposition.

  3. By far, the biggest obstacle for users – particularly single cyclists – is that Richmond steadfastly refuses to manage vegetation which significantly encroaches into the travelled portion of River Rd.
    A cyclist can be scraped by thorn branches and the growth pushes them out into the lane (where vehicle’s right wheels travel), which creates dangerous conflicts with fast-moving vehicles. The worst areas are a 4km section between No. 7 road and the NE Bog Forest Park. The worst side is on the north (westbound, the river side), which gets full southern sun and grows out every minute.
    Richmond occasionally trims the ground grasses near the pavement, concerned about cigarette butts, but above that, their focus is up 14′ up for the tops of truck boxes.
    Speed of vehicles is not a problem, it’s the deadly situation of the narrowness of the travelled portion, made deliberate by the municipality..

  4. Sad to see that the motorist who ran head on into a group of cyclists and killed Brad Dean on this stretch of River Road won’t be facing criminal charges:
    “The driver of the car that collided with a group of cyclists, killing one of them, will not face criminal charges.
    Instead, Michael Wing Sing Fan was charged last week with driving without due care and attention after the fatal crash on the eastern most section of River Road almost exactly a year ago..”
    How you can hit and kill somebody on a bright morning and only get slapped for driving without “due care” is ludicrous.

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