Vision Vancouver by-election candidate Diego Cardona has proposed a new 6-home housing type (design and rezoning details t.b.a.).  He’d allow replacing a single family home with up to six families. That’s up from the current three (home, suite, laneway).
And density continues to lead the platform popularity contest. How, one wonders, will Cardona’s proposal do at the polls? Particularly in those ‘hoods where voters are sitting on SFH equity, and worry about it being negatively affected by density. Or any other change.
Is this another trial balloon floated by a potentially 1-year councilor?

A Vancouver Special for 2017: if elected, Cardona will introduce a motion to have staff bring forward a ‘Vancouver Special’ for 2017 – a new building type that could go immediately in all single-family neighborhoods but double the number homes. “Currently up to three units – a single-family home, a basement suite, and laneway house – are allowed on a single-family lot, but that’s not enough. We could easily increase that to 6. Let’s develop a new kind of Vancouver Special for 2017 that can double the number of homes in our single-family neighborhoods and give a new generation of Vancouverites an opportunity to live in our city.”