Something old, something new, and a nifty picture too.
First, another round with sometime PT contributor and SFU City Program Director Andy Yan on the broad picture of the costs embedded in the decision to commute.  With thanks to Jonathan Brown at NEWS1130.  This message is getting serious focus.

“It’s the money of maintaining a vehicle, keeping it insured, there’s also going to be a social cost, the time away from family — you can also imagine the time of being away from a community that you can have ready access to, where you’re being stuck in a commute.”
Yan has been calculating housing and transportation costs and found, on average, people who commute spend around $230,000 more than people who live in Vancouver proper.

Second: a genuine found-in-the-wild tweet, from today’s UBCM2017 (Large Urban Communities Forum). It’s possible that previously free road usage may cease to be so.  This is called “user pay” when done in other spheres of life.

Charles Gauthier@DowntownCharles
Translink CEO Desmond: Mobility Pricing Independent Commission set to report to Mayors’ Council in spring 2018. #UBCM2017

And a nifty picture of endless choice-free sprawl.

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