Tony Valente, a friend of Price Tags, sends this along.  It describes a public-private partnership involving a new Apple store in Milan, Italy.  [Translations by Mr. Valente].
Says Valente:   It seems to me the big talk these days is all about public private partnerships. Here is another example where a soon to open Apple Store in Milan, Italy will be pretty much invisible and offer the Milanese (citizens of Milan) a high quality public space with a lot of much needed greenery not far from the city centre. The space is located in Piazza Liberty and has been designed by Foster and Partners Architects. 
The store itself will be underground with the public plaza described as a “modern amphitheater” and a fountain reminiscent of Milan’s canal system (i Navigli). The canal system is historically significant as the means of transporting so much of the stone that created Milan’s cathedral and other structures.

The store will be out of sight thanks to this original architectural solution. The store is under the level of the ground.

More green and welcoming the project of Foster and Partners reinvents piazza Liberty.


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