To me, it’s unusual to see something direct and unambiguous around the housing debate — and an often-discussed solution.  Density and the missing middle.
Of all places of origin, here’s a set of ideas from the NPA’s Hector Bremner.  One wonders about the reaction from NPA’s (perhaps endearingly mythical) voter base of bike-hating, car-loving, pearl-clutching angry old white folks living in classically exclusionary single-family ‘hoods. Maybe, though, this by-election is devolving into giant trial-balloon-fest leading up to the big election in 2018.  After all, the winner only gets a council seat for a year.

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 An end to the piecemeal, building-by-building, lot-by-lot and project-by-project rezoning.  This will be replaced with zoning changes over larger zoning areas within the city that will allow flexibility to achieve greater residential density and diversity.

Oh yes — Mr. Bremner is in favour of collaborative consulting on all this.  No idea yet if he’s up for Nimby-by-Nimby or city-wide or zone-wide consulting. Or how he’ll fare against the Nimby-friendly “preservation of heritage and neighbourhood” arguement, as championed by the Green’s Carr and Fry. [“Creating democratic and inclusive City-funded neighbourhood councils, allowing communities to provide input at the start of land use and development projects . . . “].
And let’s not forget the latent opportunities we have to build density, perhaps exceeding “missing middle” density, on 90-acre Jericho and the 21-acre Heather Lands — including the transit nodes that make it all multi-modal.

Jericho Lands — still in limbo.


  1. Pricetags used to be a forum for even-handed discussions of city issues. When Mr. Ohrn is not filling it with calendar-style pictures of bicycles at English Bay, he appears to be intent on contributing offensive diatribes. If commenters are requested to “keep it civil”, could Mr Ohrn please be asked to do the same? (And could we have an end to sexist adjectives like “pearl-clutching”, please?)

    1. Christine, you are clutching your pearls a bit too much and they are not pearls of wisdom.You do realize you are using your outside voice.Vancouver cannot help it if it is picture perfect, and many people including Mr. Ohrn are working to keep it that way. I’d suggest you have a quick bike ride and perhaps edit your rather hapless comments.

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