To me, it’s unusual to see something direct and unambiguous around the housing debate — and an often-discussed solution.  Density and the missing middle.
Of all places of origin, here’s a set of ideas from the NPA’s Hector Bremner.  One wonders about the reaction from NPA’s (perhaps endearingly mythical) voter base of bike-hating, car-loving, pearl-clutching angry old white folks living in classically exclusionary single-family ‘hoods. Maybe, though, this by-election is devolving into giant trial-balloon-fest leading up to the big election in 2018.  After all, the winner only gets a council seat for a year.

 An end to the piecemeal, building-by-building, lot-by-lot and project-by-project rezoning.  This will be replaced with zoning changes over larger zoning areas within the city that will allow flexibility to achieve greater residential density and diversity.

Oh yes — Mr. Bremner is in favour of collaborative consulting on all this.  No idea yet if he’s up for Nimby-by-Nimby or city-wide or zone-wide consulting. Or how he’ll fare against the Nimby-friendly “preservation of heritage and neighbourhood” arguement, as championed by the Green’s Carr and Fry. [“Creating democratic and inclusive City-funded neighbourhood councils, allowing communities to provide input at the start of land use and development projects . . . “].
And let’s not forget the latent opportunities we have to build density, perhaps exceeding “missing middle” density, on 90-acre Jericho and the 21-acre Heather Lands — including the transit nodes that make it all multi-modal.


Jericho Lands — still in limbo.