1. Why is it that church property owners don’t pay taxes? People are rightly upset that wealthy landowners in Southlands get away with paying next to nothing, but these guys pay nothing.
    Those of us who see that religion causes much more harm than good are in effect subsidizing a bunch of guys – 99% of them are guys – whether it’s buddhist monks or prattling priests. As William Burroughs said, when the priest comes, hold on to your wallet. Allah is not on anyone’s side, and if there were a god, it would think supplicants were boneheads.

  2. I’m inclined to agree with you Arnie, even with having grown up in a very conservative and religious house. The fact that we may just be a very unique collection of molecules and atoms that was catalyzed by a precision dose of a poison called ‘oxygen’, and evolved over hundreds of millions of years into sentient beings, should be considered as seriously as the creation purported in so many religious books. Religion is so often used as an excuse to not think for ourselves, or to not accept responsibility for our damaging ways.
    Then you’ve got the First United Church deep in the trenches on the DTES, and many other religious organizations feeding thousands of poor people everywhere. Their beliefs lead them to conduct acts of charity. I’d say lock up the televangelists who seek to build personal empires on a notoriously right wing interpretation of the bible and the notion of family (i.e. beat the bejezzus out of your gay child…), toss in all the other radical fundamentalists out there, but praise and elevate the ones who are acting for the good of their fellow citizens.

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