HERE are details on the Vancouver Park Board’s conceptual design proposal to renew the pier at Jericho Beach.

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THIS site includes one of those before/after slider graphic thingamies, to show the changes.   You can take an online survey part way down THIS PAGE.
Things to note:   Accessibility for all to the pier and to boats — in cooperation with the Disabled Sailing Association, including hoists and lifts.
The open house on this project, if you missed it, was lively and busy.  More opinions, as usual, than people — a good thing.
Jericho Pier
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  1. You need to review what the link to the survey does. Currently it says “you have already responded” when you click on it for the first time. If you can’t fix the link, direct people to the city web page

  2. This is not just a rebuild but an improvement. Kudos.
    Metro cities should consider more piers to enhance the waterfront experience everywhere for everyone. Universal accessibility should be taken for granted. I’d suggest that extending this pier further out, beefing up the engineering and width and adding more public amenities at the end would be widely accepted as a benefit by the public. San Diego, Santa Cruz, Newport Beach, Brighton and many other cities have piers extending 100-300 m into the open ocean, and come with concessions and even full service restaurants on the end. Victoria’s Ogden Point breakwater is 765 m long and is a unique part of the waterfront walk there.

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