It’s the latest piece of public art in downtown Vancouver, just installed in the entrance lobby of SFU Harbour Centre:

The backdrop will eventually reveal a more suitable setting, I presume, but this is already a powerful piece – a welcome figure by Musqueam artist Brent Sparrow:

You are being welcomed by one of the “noble, influential, and wealthy members of the community” wearing a nobility blanket, symbolizing “the wealth, power, and prestige of the wearer.”
This is a theme I have seen before, notably at McArthur Glen, the faux shopping village near the entrance to YVR.  On the northern edge of the complex is a seating area surrounded by plaques that acknowledge and explain the Musqueam history and presence on this territory.


“We are wealthy, high class people and have always been on this land.”
The current wealth and satisfaction of the people of Vancouver is not just a post-settler phenomenon; it’s a reflection of the fortune and circumstance of its abundance and location, going back to post-glaciation – and explains why so many people desire to have a piece of it or make it their home.
The Musqueam culture reflected that abundance in its economy, identity and art.

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