Natural Resources Planning Using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation
Friday, Sep. 22; 9am – 5pm
SFU Vancouver
The Open Standards process increases team unity and long-term efficiency and effectiveness in achieving and measuring the success of conservation interventions. This class helps you to answer the question: “are we doing the right things and are we doing them well?”.
Join instructors Abby Hook, a consultant and educator who uses OS as a framework to design local ecosystem recovery programs and Emily Gonzalesa National Ecological Restoration Specialist with Parks Canada.
North Shore Rain Garden Project – FREE Community Rain Garden Workshop
Saturday, Sep. 23; 2:30pm-5:30pm
North Vancouver
SFU’s Faculty of Environment and Cool North Shore are collaborating to present this “how-to” workshop for building rain gardens in your own yard or neighbourhood. Rain gardens are a simple way to naturally filter and infiltrate urban runoff. These gardens come in many shapes and sizes, and can be made to suit the needs of every home owner and community. Learn to build one in your space!
Join presenters Deborah Jones, Rain Garden Advisor and Caitlin Pierzchalski,Ecological Restoration MSc candidate, along with other guest presenters.

Renewable Energy Transition Strategies: Practical Innovations for Urban Areas
NEW! Online, 10-week course
October 1 – December 10
The global transition to renewable energy is gaining momentum, and cities and local governments are at the forefront of this movement. The number of municipalities around the world setting ambitious 100% renewable energy targets is growing, with some cities in the US and Europe having already met this goal. However, the transition to renewable energy is no easy task and it requires moving forward collaboratively with businesses, governments, and the public. City leaders need to be equipped with practical knowledge to work effectively in partnerships across sectors.
By highlighting foundational first actions, this interdisciplinary course will help provide the knowledge and perspective needed to confidently lead a municipal- level renewable energy transition.
Moderated online by renewable energy experts Michael Small, Betsy Agar, Keane Gruending, Kathryn Sheps, as well as special guest experts.
Understanding Environmental Assessment Today: Cases and Issues
ThursdayOctober 26; 9am-4:30pm SFU Vancouver
EA is a process of examining the potential effects of undertaking a project, such as a mine, bridge, or even a government policy change. Despite the name, EA typically covers not just potential biophysical effects but also social, community, economic, health, heritage, and cultural effects. This one-day workshop is a primer designed for environmental professionals with at least a basic understanding of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process who strive to build greater knowledge of current practices.
Join instructor Chris Jacobs, a Principal of Swift Creek Consulting and is also Senior Socio-economic Specialist at Canada’s largest engineering firm, SNC Lavalin.


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