NPA’s Bremner lays a plank in his platform for the vacant City Council seat to be filled on October 14.   Apparently not a person to be shy with his opinions, or to think small, he is proposing city-wide re-zoning to tackle housing supply, which will certainly be the monster issue in the upcoming by-election and beyond.
Thanks to Jen St Denis in Metro Vancouver:

 “There are two things that experts agree on: climate change and the supply crisis in Vancouver,” Bremner told Metro during an interview outside city hall.
“It’s time to end this pretending we can solve it with basement suites and laneway houses.” . . .
Instead of neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood zoning, Bremner believes Vancouver needs a city-wide plan, and all single family should be opened up to allow a mix of “missing middle” housing, from townhouses to duplexes to low-rises. . . .
When it comes to pushback to density from residents, Bremner believes a more careful consultation process will bring the majority of people onside, when it’s clear how more density will benefit them.

I wonder how this will play in NPA land. My impression of the traditional NPA voter is the resident of a cozy SFH, well-protected by exclusionary zoning, and probably hard to persuade about the benefits of nearby density.
Following quickly, Vision Vancouver says this:

Bremner’s campaign comments are a far cry from when he came to speak to city council on July 25th, at a public hearing for a new development at Burrard and Nelson. Bremner opposed the project, which includes 331 new units of housing along with 61 social housing units. Stating that he lived in a building across the street, Bremner (Speaker #42) urged Council to say no to the hundreds of new housing units the project would provide, instead making a passionate plea for Council to turn it down and take more time to do further traffic studies.


  1. Both of the two largest parties are nothing more than tools for developers. Both will trot out the nonsense that we can build our way to affordability.

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