1. More honesty would be nice though. Such as
    “Vancouver housing is very expensive and will NEVER be cheap again. Yes, we will build more housing and we should do it faster. But it will not be cheap, namely at least $1000/sq ft due to already very high and rising land prices in Vancouver. That is not affordable for most. If you wish to buy below this price point you have to move further out. Plenty of stuff sub $500/sq ft in New West, Burnaby or Surrey, for example. Not though in Vancouver close to beach or walkability.
    We also applaud the initiative to force at least 25% rentals onto new developments in Vancouver. That too, will not mean that the remaining 75% will be cheaper, quite the contrary actually.
    Also, to change laws, and to then act upon these plans and build anything under these new policies is at least 3-4 years away. At least. More like 5.
    We also have not yet decided to give away free provincial land or heavily subsidize it for rentals. Thus rentals too will not be cheap.
    Furthermore, our possible (not yet anncounced ie fully planned out) cap of rent increases will reduce private investments into rental properties not increase it. This will mean vacant units will be even more expensive to rent as landlords cannot raise rents once rented.
    Sorry folks.”
    Something like that would be honest. Can we expect that from any politician these days, municipal, provincial or federal ?

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