Another delightful outburst of happy transformation.  From unloved to attractive;   from dark and utilitarian to bright and bustling; from empty to busy with people and fun.

The “Backyard BBQ” is part of a series called “Laneway Living Room”, this time in an alley near Cambie and Cordova. Presented by Vancouver Public Space Network and VIVA Vancouver.

Here is one “before” photo and 5 “during”.

[Click to get a large size slide show]

This summer the Vancouver Public Space Network, with a grant from VIVA Vancouver is transforming two laneways into fun and friendly spaces using upcycled furniture, flea market finds, and pallets. . . .

. . . This activation will use some creatively upcycled materials to turn an urban space into the suburban dream. Think grilled food, lawn games, music, and maybe even a rogue pink flamingo.

Backyard BBQ is the Vancouver Public Space Network’s second Laneway Living Room activation for summer 2017. This tactical urbanism project is designed to highlight the potential of Vancouver’s unloved and underutilized laneways by quickly and cheaply transforming them into people-friendly public spaces. We invite you to come to our Backyard BBQ!