Back to the south side  of the Fraser River where positional information on the Massey Tunnel and Bridge appears daily.  The latest is reported in the Delta Optimist  where the Mayor of Delta has added another reason for the support of an overbuilt bridge on the sensitive Fraser River delta-it could have light rapid transit. But, just like the Mayors’ Council’s lack of support for this behemoth of a bridge, the rest of Metro Vancouver nixed that.
Here’s what the Delta Mayor said:  “I’ve been trying to press this with the mayors for a long time in that it makes sense to take the Canada Line and run it south, over a bridge, and it’s meant to do that, accommodates that. The idea being maybe go out to the ferry terminal, with stops in Ladner and Tsawwassen. Most importantly, it would go through all the southern area, as opposed to the northern area where the Expo Line goes through Surrey”.
We have to look ahead 75 years. It’s a great way to connect communities. I was pretty much poo pooed because they said they want everything on the table. They want, for instance, the Evergreen Line extended. They don’t want even a planning concept forward for a line that will pick up hundreds of thousands of people through that great burgeoning area of Surrey that travel by car everywhere because there’s no option”.
So why after the support of the massive ten lane bridge is the Mayor of Delta so bullish on rapid transit? Because if a bridge connecting Delta and Richmond is built, “LRT could run down the middle of the freeway”.
Meanwhile City of Richmond Councillor Harold Steves stated: “The 10 lane bridge is not designed for LRT. Under FOI (freedom of information) Richmond received 1400 pages of bridge plans and a special report on LRT on May 8th. The LRT report states that because of the scattered population LRT would not have enough ridership to warrant putting LRT on the bridge. That would certainly be even more true with a 10 lane bridge.”
Richmond Councillor Steves is getting a little miffed at the Corporation of Delta’s continued one side clamouring for a bridge. Even the  CTV is reporting on the “fake news” Delta is propagating with their $35,000 budget going towards advertising their point of view on newspapers and online. They have even bought the domain “weneedabridge.ca” to garner support for their project. Full page newspaper ads tell readers that “the existing tunnel cannot be sufficiently seismically upgraded,” and would not be “physically capable of withstanding a moderate to severe earthquake.”
“This ad is a really great example of fake news. They’ve taken facts that aren’t in context and put them together to tell us something that isn’t real, Councillor Harold Steves said.”



  1. Consider the challenge that Delta council faces in pushing their viewpoint now that the Liberal party has cut its communication team staffing levels. Did anyone else notice how the number of anonymous on-line commenters promoting the 10 lane bridge went down drastically, the same week?

  2. I know for certain that some that support this project and have said so, have recently been censored and banned from this blog.
    David Beers did the same thing on his blog when the election approached.
    Editors Note: Untrue. Please follow Editorial Comment Policy.

    1. I guess everyone will make his own opinion on it,…but since one of my comment got “deleted by editorial policy”, just because it was pointing some misinformations on this very subject not unlike the ones denounced in this post… it seems to me the guy here is not “honest Ed”…
      PS: I wonder if that denying of dissenting opinions is the result of a too long exposure to city hall culture or something else?…and obviously how long this comment gonna stay ;)…

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