Well everyone grew up and instead of coveting that Teddy Ruxpin  bear or the Christmas Furby, some of us have aimed higher with good design in good landscape furniture.  As noted in Citylab.com  The “Copenhagen bench”, a beautiful  Danish bench with clean lines has become popular because of its classic lines. So popular that “across the Danish capital, thieves are targeting a local design icon—the classic Copenhagen bench”.  Designed in the 1880’s “the benches are one of those visual clues that Danish people instantly associate with Copenhagen, like the Wallace Fountains of Paris or the now defunct red telephone boxes of London”.
And everyone wants their own. This year 45 benches have been stolen so far, at a cost of about 1,765 Canadian dollars a bench. That’s about six  benches being pilfered a month. Here’s the strange part-you can actually buy the bench at retail stores, although in different colours from the iconic Copenhagen gray metal and green wood. Even if the stolen benches were being sold on the “black market”, it would be obvious with graffiti and wear that the bench had a public life.  Too bad there were not innocuous GPS chips so that the benches could notify the municipality about which private garden they had been reallocated to.


  1. The problem is that the old ones are seen as the only ones that are authentic. Obvious and profitable solution: The City of Copenhagen should replace all the existing benches with new ones, thereby making all new ones “authentic” Copenhagen benches, keep a few originals in museums or public buildings for historical value, sell the rest off at the highest possible price to collectors, use the money for something good, and then go on selling the new copies to the public as “authentic” Copenhagen benches. Sure, to purists, this is bait and switch, and it will be….for a few years. But in 50 years it will be an institution and everything will be authentic.

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