Since Vancouver city councillor Meggs has resigned in favour of a senior staff position in the spankin’ new GreeNDP gov’t in Victoria, Vancouver voters may be heading to the polls on Oct 14, subject to City Council’s approval of the date.

BTW, the vacant Vancouver School Board seats do not have a by-election date or plan as yet confirmed by the Prov gov’t.  Hopefully, these two by-elections can be made coincidental.

Who, I wonder, will toss their deposit into the coffers?  How hotly will this seat be contested?  Do any voters care?

  • Vision:  Patti Bacchus?
  • NPA:  Kirk (synch those lights!!) Lapointe, Gabe Garfinkle, Sarah Kirby-Yung, John Coupar?  (Which of these has mayoral profile and gravitas? )
  • Greens:  Pete Fry?
  • OneCity:  Judy Graves
  • COPE:  hello, anyone?
  • Christy Clark:  everyone knows her vote record in Vancouver makes this a slam-dunk. And talk about mayoral profile.  Yowzers!

For the trivia-minded, feast on this sure-fire party starter:

By-elections are very rare in Vancouver. The last one was in 1992, when then-Councillor Bruce Yorke of COPE resigned due to ill health. The NPA’s Lynne Kennedy won the seat.

Yorke gained his Council seat in 1985 in another by-election, beating Phillip Owen to win a place on Council.

Over its more than 125-year history, Vancouver City Council has had just 16 by-elections.